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aiguilles qui n avance pas..

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aiguilles qui n avance pas..

Messagepar riocante le 06 Oct 2018, 03:39

A desire for American goods is currently intensifying overseas as Countries become more affluent, goading bedding manufacturers to increase their international efforts.

1 topic of discussion at the International Bedding Exposition, Held here this week, is whether the International Sleep Products Assn., the industry trade group, should extend its reach abroad. And U.S. bedding manufacturers are looking to do exactly the same as they store the show for overseas partners.

Leading mattress manufacturer Ohio Mattress Co., which is supposed to be obtained by Gibbons, Green, van Amerongen, a management buyout expert, wants to enlarge its Sealy and Stearns & Foster brand names to Europe. F.L. Betere, based in Madrid, Spain, claims to be Europe's largest bedding producer and will have a minority position at the new firm, according to Ohio Mattress.

A bedding maker that has licensees in Australia, serta, Korea, Japan, Canada, Mexico, the uk, France and Spain, said 15 to 20 percent of sales come from international company. European and Korean sales are more recent although Serta has been promoting bedding for 15 years.

"There's been an increasing global interest in Serta equally In the point of view of marketing and technical know how," said Roy Unger, president. "But also in certain states a desire to get a well-known American brand name."

While Serta is a popular company globally, the unger stated Company does tailor its products to specific markets. "The item can be essentially the same, but there are gaps," Unger said.

"In Japan, they sleep on flatform beds, in Australia That the futon mattresses need to be made thicker, at the U.K. box springs are all hinged to fit around narrow halls. There is also a gap in the desire for plushness or stability."

Serta sees the most growth coming in the emerging economies of the Pacific basin. "We don't see much opportunity in mainland China," Unger said. As I understand it, they are mostly available to joint ventures, and we do not get into that."

Overseas business will develop not exports, together with licensees, according to Unger. "Bedding is big and bulky. Even though there's been some exporting of mattresses for U.S. resorts, that's not the significant sector." Why don't you choose a king size futon mattress if you are searching for a mattress for couple?

Spring Air is a relative latecomer to the industry. In 1980, the Chicago based maker purchased the Karr Co., which held Spring Air's overseas rights. Then it aggressively chased licensees, although Canada and Mexico have been licensees that were longstanding. Spring Air additional its list and Ireland, and is currently negotiating with firms in Taiwan, London, Australia and Korea.

"American bedding is perceived to be the most lavish, Most sumptuous in the entire world," said Donald Pellegrini, Spring Air president. "The existence of the other big American bedding makers has made American bedding visible. The simple fact that others are well established has meant in many instances which Spring Air is the most accessible"

Pellegrini said even though the market may be Rewarding, there are drawbacks. "Everything from protocol to trademark registration the global trademark laws vary, and it can be very costly to register a name. Product uniformity can be a problem when components are tough to get."

Market conditions also may decide how Spring Air will alter a Item line. "Our Flagship Back Supporter line will always stay the same, however, you will find orders in each market that we'd pay attention to, needing to do with stability, softness as well as substances," Pellegrini said.

"The pillow shirts that are very popular in the United States are Being readily accepted in other niches, and the very firm texture and look that characterizes a good deal of the bedding produced overseas is weakening."

Bedding manufacturer Simmons has licensees in West Germany, Spain, the Dominican Republic and Israel. The business has agreements with overseas plants although it once owned, but now act as licensees. Simmons continues to own factories in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

John Peterken, vice president of operations, said There are areas where businesses can take strong footholds while the marketplace is now tough. "I visit the important U.S. corporations with their licensees becoming much more important as brand name awareness grows in those countries," Peterken explained.


"There is no question that with capitalism coming to Russia As well as China, and also the increased attention to customer goods in these countries there are some markets that will become very important."

King Koil started licensing overseas in the mid 1970s, but it Accelerated its efforts in the 1980s. The manufacturer is currently including the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Australia, Israel, Canada and Southeast Asia, in 17 markets overseas. In addition, King Koil is negotiating in China and Korea.

"We've had outstanding development in Australia," said Ernest Friedman, president. "Any English speaking marketplace that permits us to utilize all our published materials without major changes "

Manufacturers King, that deal abroad Koil faces challenges. But Friedman stated he sees a potential market in the People's Republic of China. "You have an explosion of resorts (there), however I am also told that folks are just lining up to purchase Western fashion bedding. Apparently, it has become a priority thing in some regions."

Bedding manufacturer Restonic has two licensees in Canada and One each in the uk, Taiwan and Korea. Moreover, the manufacturer is speaking to companies in Saudi Arabia and the China, and"looking very hard" at Japan and Europe.

International operations now account for Approximately 10 to 15% Of the earnings of Restonic, but William Brey, chief operating officer and president, said he sees figure growing. "We are kind of a late entry to the market but there is no question that we see expansion," he said.

"Asia is completely bursting with a desire for Western design Bedding and Western products generally. We stand back in awe of how the marketplace is exploding. The companies doing business in Asia, where we claw and struggle to get a 3 percent or 5% growth are getting 500 and 300 percentage gains. As these countries become more industrialized, I think they will discover that Western bedding is quite high on the record."

But, Friedman is among the first to admit the overseas Market isn't all peaches and cream. "You do not have the opportunity for a very close association with your licensee, and therefore there's less control of this item and not as much control of their quality."

For All the issues the market may pose, It's the One area Brey sees having expansion potential. "No wonder. There is only one place at the U.S. where we're still searching for a licensee, therefore the upcoming logical expansion comes globally. We do not have a target we are inside in such a little way the potential is huge."

Kingsdown, located in Mebane, N.C., has been exporting for 10 to 12 decades. Thomas McLean, vice president of advertising, called it"fairly sporadic, based on the value of their dollar."

Most recently, Kingsdown has exported into Canada, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.

"The way we do business is completely different from a Decade Ago," said McLean. "This is not a restricted market it's globally. The only limits are the constraints we impose on ourselves or allow to be enforced on us."

Among the biggest impediments to exporting is cargo costs, However, technological changes which could help are seen by McLean. For example, Italians compress their foam futon mattresses to get more on a container, and a few Spanish manufacturers fold their innersprings to make them more streamlined. see more twin size futon here: https://www.scoop.it/t/queen-king-twin-size-best-futon-mattress-reviews/p/4095491725/2018/03/14/twin-size-futon-mattress-top-5-futon-mattress-twin-size-reviews-2018

To export one must consider making product changes, Not just to help with shipping, but to understand the needs and desires of niches. "You have to think about it when you go into Asian markets where they are used to sleeping on futons," adds McLean,"or even Germany where they sleep platforms, or even the Nordic countries in which they sleep on slats and pads."

Therapedic International, a top futon mattress maker, has licensees on six Continents and international sales that accounts for about 50 percent of company.

Therapedic markets include Australia, Canada, England, Hong Kong and China.

Berke said he sees that the very best growth coming in the Third World. "In these states, there always seems to be a set of people that makes out nicely. Jamaica has been a licensee resort play a part, but just a small part. Argentinean plants are doing well."

In addition to licensing, Therapedic does some Caribbean from U.S. plants.

Somma, the waterbed that is top manufacturer, has had an Advertising and marketing program for two decades. It's licensees in Europe, Canada and South Korea, and ships finished products to Japan and Mexico.

Greta Unhjem, manager of marketing, said there Are advantages to licensing rather than exporting. "What you create from the U.S. may not be acceptable to some other country," said Unhjem. "You need to be flexible enough to change the merchandise without doing anything to its own integrity.

"We have positioned ourselves to take advantage of the Marketplace abroad. Europe has a per capita income and 300 million people that is actually higher than the U.S.. As Europe confronts the easing of commerce along with 1992 Barriers, there will be several opportunities."
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